Friday, December 4, 2009

PocketMusic - a must have free music player for Windows Mobile

This application is by no means new, but its new to me. If you ever listen to MP3s on your Windows Mobile and you don't already have a 3rd party player - get PocketMinds PocketMusic.

It looks great, its intuitive to use, and its quality exceeds many commercial applications - and did I mention it was free?

Also worth noting, it supports Winamp 2.x skins free available online (although I haven't tried this feature yet).

Panoramic Software releases Ultimate Sudoku for Windows Mobile

First - why another Sudoku game?

Two reasons: its more than just Sudoku, it also includes full implementations of Killer Sudoku (or Samunamupure) and Kakuro, making Panoramic Ultimate Sudoku 3 games in one.

Second, Panoramic felt there wasn't a Sudoku game available for Windows Mobile that took full advantage of the platforms features. This game includes 10 skins, customizable backgrounds, a and responsive, finger friendly interface. Overall its an excellent gaming experience.

And its only $2.99 US

Check it out here:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

moTweets for Windows Mobile now supports Lists

Panoramic Software Inc is about to release version 1.5.0 of moTweets, its popular twitter client for Windows Mobile 5.0 and newer devices (including 6.5).

Along with a handful of improvements and fixes, performance has also been improved. However, this version contains two major improvements:

Support for Lists - although they can't be created from your device you can easily select and view lists

Translations - moTweets is now able to translate posts into your currently selected language. Language detection is automatic so you don't need to know what you're translating from.

Also worth noting, moTweets now supports Korean and Italian languages. And by popular demand, yFrog support has been added for posting and viewing images.

Get it from Panoramic's website or the Windows Mobile marketplace. If you already have an ealier version of moTweets installed it will prompt you to upgrade next time you launch moTweets.