Saturday, February 28, 2009

w h m and other letters beside your phone numbers

Ever wondered what those letters mean beside the phone numbers in your phone history of your windows mobile device? Some of them are obvious but here's the complete list for Windows Mobile 6.x compatible contacts. There are 12 total:

w - work
wfx - work fax
m - mobile
h - home
pgr - pager
car - car
hfx - home fax
co - company telephone
w2 - work2
h2 - home2
rdo - radio
ast - assistant

Monday, February 23, 2009

iSS Video Poker and GamePack 1 updates

iSS Video Poker has been updated to version 3.5.3 with a recent bug fix to the scoring calculations.

This also means iSS GamePack 1 gets updated to 4.4.2

You can grab the Windows Mobile Professional/Classic version here:

And the Windows Mobile Standard version here:

For more information, please visit:

Friday, February 20, 2009

SMS time stamp bug on Windows Mobile

When I got my new Palm Treo Pro I thought the phone was just about perfect - except for one little issue - the SMS time stamp was always out by several hours.

I finally got around to doing a little research and discovered this bug isn't unique to the Treo Pro, but may many of the new windows mobile phones on the market. The good news is, there is a very easy fix.

Grab your favorite registry editing program (mine is of course iSS Registry Editor) and add the following DWORD


set the value to 0 and perform a soft reset.

This will not fix the time stamps on messages you've already received but all future SMS messages should display the correct time.

If its still not working double check the location, spelling, case of the registry key and of course make sure your regional setting and clock are set right.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Panoramic Calc Pro Lite for Windows Mobile

Panoramic Software has released Calc Pro Lite.

Calc Pro Lite is based on the same great technology as the original Calc Pro however it only includes the standard calculator and a simplified currency converter (European currencies only).

However it still contains most of the options and all 4 of the original Calc Pro skins. Its a great way to get a better looking and more functional calculator for your Windows Mobile phone - and it costs less than $3.00.

Grab it here:

And of course don't forget to take a look at the original Calc Pro if you need more power and features:

An updated version of the full Calc Pro should be released some time in March.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

iSS Minesweeper updated for Windows Mobile

I was playing iSS Minesweeper the other day and although I enjoy the game I couldn't help thinking it could be better. I wanted better use of the screen, more levels, and I wanted to see my best time while I played. I then realized that I have access to the source code - so I pulled it up the next day and made the changes I wanted. It may be selfish but I think they make it a better game.

The new version - 1.5 - should be released later this week. You can purchase it here:

The changes include:

3 new skill levels
  • Learn to Play (I wanted a level easy enough for my young relatives)
  • Easy (board size and skill between Beginner and Intermediate)
  • Advanced (board size and skill between Intermediate and Expert)

Game board improvements - I reduced the boarders around the game field as much as possible which in effect increases the size of the game board, images and numbers.

Best Time is now displayed during the game.

If you want the updated version right away please just send us an email.

And don't forget, iSS Minesweeper is also included in iSS Essentials and iSS GamePack 2 available from & respectively.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Panoramic Calc Pro updated to 2.6.0

Panoramic Software Inc is just about to release the latest version of Calc Pro as they prepare it for Microsoft's Mobile2Market certification.

The new version contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed bug when toggling between normal and advanced memory buttons

  • Improved the logic for saving settings

  • Minor optimizations for speed and memory

  • Added option for fast graphing (reduced accuracy)

  • Added option to graph points only (only shows calculated co-ordinates)

  • Added option to toggle between Beginning and End of Term payments for the TVM worksheet

  • Calc Pro now replaces the default Calculator - handy if using applications like Mobile Shell
And the big change in 2.6.0 is the new finger friendly options screen.

You can grab the latest version here:

Also worthy of mention is the new F.A.Q. for Calc Pro - take a look here:

A handful of new Windows Mobile phones worth noticing

Over the past few months there have been a lot of new Windows Mobile phones, of course devices like the HTC Diamond, Palm Treo Pro and Samsung Omnias are getting lots of attention.

But there are several less prominent phones worthy of a second look:

The Asus P565 looks to compete with the HTC Touch except it comes with a VGA screen:

The HP IPAQ Data Messenger looks boring a first glance but it hides a full feature set and a full qwerty keyboard

Another cool device is the O2 Xda Zest - also similar is design to the HTC Touch

Also its interesting to see there are a still a lot of companies creating Windows Mobile Standard phones - with touch being all the rage these phones get very little media attention but keep your eyes open:

HTC s740
HTC Shadow 2
Samsung i7110
Motorola Q11 & Napoleon