Thursday, January 28, 2010

OLX - a new free classifieds website

I was recently contacted by a representative of OLX asking if I was interested in making a post abouttheir website. Normally I would would make a face at this type of marketing but first off, I don't really think enough people read this blog to consider it an imposition, two, I was curious about the site, and three, I was somewhat flattered they thought I was worth contacting.

So first things first, if you haven't heard of OLX its a free classifieds website and they're looking to improve on the model craigslist established. They allow videos, high resolution pictures, and include several "web 2.0" features.

I haven't used the site enough to form a strong opinion but I will admit that I am happy to see the better quality images. The only downside I saw was the expected spam left in the comments of some listings.

When it comes right down to it if you're looking to buy or sell something it never hurts to have another site to use. I didn't have too much luck finding things in my area but since its free to post I'd still use it as sales channel if the need ever arose.

You can get their full rundown on features here:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Should you install the 32bit or 64bit version of Windows 7? has a great article to help you decide which version of Windows 7 to install.

To cut to the point, if you have more than 3gig of ram and don't need to run old software or install old peripherals 64 bit is the way to go.

Take a look here:

I personally have Windows 7 x64 installed on my main development system which has 4 gig of RAM installed. However I end up using my laptop with the 32bit version installed because I have a number tools I need that don't work in the 64 bit version. But I should be honest, I also still use my 5 year old Dell laptop with Windows XP for those really picky applications.