Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Panoramic Software Windows Phone 7 Applications

Panoramic Calc Pro WP7 Panoramic Ultimate Sudoku WP7 Panoramic Guitar Suite WP7 Panoramic Calc Pro WP7

Panoramic Software Inc has released several products for the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

All the software is fully translated English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (all of the languages the wp7 marketplace currently supports).

Rather than list off all of the features your best bet is to go to the website (or take a look on the Zune Marketplace):

The currently released and certified applications so far are:

Calc Pro
Guitar Suite
Ultimate Sudoku
Converter Pro
Scientific Calc

FreeCell and Blackjack are also very close to being ready and there's more coming for Windows Phone 7 before the end of the year.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Searching for a Samsung Focus in Vancouver, Canada

I've been trying to get my hands on a Samsung Focus for the Rogers network since the Windows Phone 7 launch.

On the first day I called my local Rogers Wireless to see if they had any stock. I was promptly told they wouldn't have any until the end of the month but I could order them online. I tried calling to order one but I was told by the call center that they were only available through the website and not via a live person (no idea why).

So after 3 attempts to order through the website I got tired of seeing the "unable to process credit card" message and I decided to wait.

Last week I saw a Best Buy flyer listing the focus so I promptly headed into the closest location - no luck - although they're advertising they have no stock. I called a second location just to be sure. Best of all, no one seems to know when they'll be in stock.

Just for fun I dropped into Futureshop where I saw a well placed advertisement for the focus on the Rogers Wireless display table but again I was told they wouldn't have them until next week (they hope ... ).

So it looks like Samsung hasn't been able to meet demand which I'm hoping is a reflection on the popularity of the phone and not a production issue.

As soon as I'm able to get my hands on a device I'll post some pictures a quick comparison to a couple of other phones. I've already tried a colleague's HTC Surround and from what I've seen the WP7 phones are worth the wait. I can't wait to upgrade from my Palm Treo Pro.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Atom Netbook Processor Comparisons

I started shopping for a netbook PC as a gift and I quickly realized that the price and processor models vary quite a bit without providing any useful information. So here's a quick list of the common Intel netbook processors and their specs:

Atom N270 - 1,6Ghz, single core, 512k cache
Atom N280 - 1.66Ghz, single core, 512k cache
Atom N450 - 1.66Ghz, single core, 512k cache
Atom N455 - 1.66Ghz, single core, 512k cache
Atom N475 - 1.83Ghz, single core, 512k cache
Atom N550 - 1.5Ghz, dual core, 1024k cache

So the simple quick analysis is, the higher the number, the quicker the processor. Even though the 280, 450, & 455 look identical, the underlying chip sets do get progressively better and the higher models with perform slightly better (although I suspect you won't notice).

I would recommend paying a little more if you can move up to an N475 or an N550. If those aren't available I would make my purchasing decision based on other factors (size, price, hard drive size, etc).

The N550 is the best choice as its dual core, but if performance is your main concern I'd suggest looking at either a Core2 Duo processor or a Core i3 which are both available in Ultra Lower Power versions in netbooks. Either one at 1.3Ghz will greatly outperform any of the above mentioned atoms processors.

I personally have an Asus 1810T with a 1.3Ghz Core2 Duo and its more than capable of handling all of my work needs when I travel.

You can checkout Intel's master Atom processor list here: