Thursday, June 19, 2008

Arkon Universal PDA Mounting Kit

As the title suggests I recently ordered an Arkon Universal PDA Mounting Kit after a recommendation from a user on

My mounting kit arrived yesterday and I have to admit I'm impressed. The Universal has three mounting options however one doesn't really count as it involves placing a plastic disc on your dash using the supplied adhesive.

The other options are a windshield mount and a vent mount. I assumed I'd simply use the windshield mount as its quite solid and its the mount of choice for most GPS devices. However, the vent mount is really easy to install/remove and its in a perfect position in my Acura CL.

The only signifigant draw back to this solution is the lack of a power cable. Fortunately, I already had a car charger that was included with one of my past cell phone purchases so this wasn't a concern.

I'm currently using the mount with an iMate JAQ3 and a Toshiba G900 - both of which sit very securely. I also briefly tested the mount with three other phones: The HTC Touch and the Motorola Q should work very well. The mount is too wide to grip narrow phones like the T-Mobile SDA (iMate SP5).

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