Friday, December 12, 2008

Panoramic BlackJack released for Windows Mobile

The first title from Panoramic that is compatible with both Windows Mobile Professional/Classic devices and Windows Mobile Standard phones.

Its a really great BlackJack game - we aimed to make it the best looking BlackJack game on the market as well as packing in the most features.

It supports the usual split, double, insurance and surrender options, but it also includes card counting. This of course isn't something you should do in gambling establishments but its a great way to get the edge on your buddies in a casual game.

Panoramic also goes one step further and includes a "Learn to Play" mode. After extensive research (and lots of BlackJack playing) we created an optimized strategy of play and the learn to play mode will suggest the best move based on the current player and dealer hand. Its a really great way to improve your BlackJack game. Combine it with a simple card counting routine and you can easily beat the house.

More info can be found here:

And you can purchase BlackJack for Windows Mobile Professional or Classic here:

And for Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone) here:

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