Wednesday, February 4, 2009

iSS Minesweeper updated for Windows Mobile

I was playing iSS Minesweeper the other day and although I enjoy the game I couldn't help thinking it could be better. I wanted better use of the screen, more levels, and I wanted to see my best time while I played. I then realized that I have access to the source code - so I pulled it up the next day and made the changes I wanted. It may be selfish but I think they make it a better game.

The new version - 1.5 - should be released later this week. You can purchase it here:

The changes include:

3 new skill levels
  • Learn to Play (I wanted a level easy enough for my young relatives)
  • Easy (board size and skill between Beginner and Intermediate)
  • Advanced (board size and skill between Intermediate and Expert)

Game board improvements - I reduced the boarders around the game field as much as possible which in effect increases the size of the game board, images and numbers.

Best Time is now displayed during the game.

If you want the updated version right away please just send us an email.

And don't forget, iSS Minesweeper is also included in iSS Essentials and iSS GamePack 2 available from & respectively.

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