Monday, April 13, 2009

Panoramic Calc Pro updated to v2.7.0

Panoramic Calc Pro 2.7.0 has now been released. It contains a number of minor tweaks and adjustments. If you own a square screen Windows Mobile phone you'll likely notice the improved button spacing.

The new version also includes several additions to the Unit Converter which now includes an "Acceleration" section. Anyone that's needed to converter feet per second squared to meters per second squared in a physics class will appreciate the addition.

This version also includes a new skin which you can see in the screenshots.

As usual you can get it from

We're already working on version 2.7.1. Expect some RPN display improvements as well as layout upgrades for "wide" devices in portrait mode such as the Sony Xperia, the Samsung Omnia and the HTC Touch HD.

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