Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Panoramic Software wins awards for Hexegems and Contacts Genius

Handster has given Best Software of 2009 awards to Panoramic Hexegems and Panoramic Contacts Genius.

Hexegems won in the Arcade category and Contacts Genius won in the Communications category. These awards are quite an honour as there are some excellent arcade titles for Windows Mobile. As well, there have been several new communications applications released this year which can make it difficult to stand out. Contacts Genius was designed to be the best Contact Management application for Windows Mobile and it would seem that Handster would suggest the Panoramic Software Inc has met that goal.

To view the awards you can visit Handster here:

And for more information on either title please visit:
Its also worth noting the iSS Polyminoes won in the Arcade category in 2008.

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