Friday, January 9, 2009

Panoramic WiFi Hero released for Windows Mobile Pro/Classic

Panoramic Software has quietly released v1 of WiFi Hero.

This tool was created to solve the problem of lost WiFi settings on Windows Mobile 6 & 6.1.

Microsoft implemented a "feature - not a bug" that will erase settings for WiFi access points if the connection fails. What this means is - if attempt to access a WiFi network that requires a pre-shared key and it ever fails for any reason (and anyone that uses WiFi knows it does happen from time to time), a Windows Mobile 6 or newer device will detect the failure and decide that the current settings must me to blame. It will then promptly erase settings for that WiFi access point along with the preshared key. This becomes a huge hassle for users - and an even bigger hassle for IT departments.

WiFi Hero will back up all settings upon first use and will prompt the user for passwords of access points that require network keys (don't worry - you'll only be asked once).

After that - simply load WiFi Hero whenever your settings are erased and you'll be able to restore them in one click.

Corporate versions are also available that remove the need for user intervention and allow for network keys to be pre-installed and encrypted for additional security. Contact Panoramic Software for more information:

And you can buy it here for $1.99:

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