Friday, January 2, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.1.4 Emulator images available

This one slipped by me in late November. Microsoft has released updated Emulator Images for Windows Mobile 6.1.

It looks like the big change is the inclusion of the Internet Explorer Mobile 6 which is based off of the desktop Internet Explorer's HTML engine. This would be more exciting if I could install it on my real device but its a great opportunity to test out the new mobile browser.

I'm also hoping this release fixes the DPI bug on the WVGA Windows Mobile Professional emulator.

Grab them here:

** Update **

So I'm happy to report that the WVGA emulator works. Aswell, the new Pocket Internet Explorer is fantastic! It even supports flash with no addtional downloads. Performance was slow on the emulator so I'd still be very interested to try it on a real device.

A BIG step in the right direction.

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