Monday, March 23, 2009

Panoramic Calc Pro updated to 2.6.6 for Windows Mobile Pro/Classic

Panoramic Software has just released Calc Pro 2.6.5 and hot on its heals is version 2.6.6.

No there wasn't a problem with 2.6.5, we just continued to make improvements.

So first - version 2.6.5 brings the follow changes & fixes:

  • now displays "retail", "trial" or "expired" in the about screen
  • added a softer 'tap' sound in the options (user requested feature)
  • forces 'normal' number formatting on worksheets as SCI & ENG formatting could cause issues
  • improved memory and performance on scrollable menus/lists
  • some minor interface alignment improvements
  • fixed the reset button on some of the worksheets - they should all be 100% now
  • updated the installer to allow upgrading by installing the latest trial version over a retail version. You'll need to install the retail version of 2.6.5 for this to work
  • Fixed the worksheet bug where changing cells using the stylus could result in bad values (this should solve any confusion with the worksheets)
  • BIG improvement to the Date & Time Calculator - it should handle dates beyond the year 7000 now and handle intervals up to 999,999 days

Now for version 2.6.6:

  • fixed the graphing bug on equations with leading '-'
  • the installer will no longer ask you twice about keeping your user settings when upgrading
  • improved the random function (you'll never notice it but its more 'random')
  • improved displaying equations using "Expression mode" for entries wider than the screen
  • improved accuracy of Unit Converter results (actually just shows more significant figures - internally its the same)
  • fixed Unit Converter and Currency Converter behavior on numbers requiring exponents. Values should never be cut off now
  • NEW FEATURE - added an equation buffer to the "Expression calc" mode. It will now store up to20 equations/answers and allow you to scroll through them using up and down on your directional pad. Stylus support coming soon

Buy it now at or download the latest version from your software vendor. If you're not able to get the latest version please contact support through at Panoramic's website and we'll be happy to send it to you free of charge:

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