Saturday, March 28, 2009

Treo Pro done right

I just thought I'd show everyone how I have my Treo setup just in case anyone is looking for ideas, suggestions or recommendations.

I'll start at the top and work my way down:

iSS Battery Meter: that's the rainbow colored bar at the top. It takes up almost no system resources and never gets in the way: battery monitoring made easy.

Panoramic Phone Genius: this configurable today screen plugin works really well. Starting from the top left the icons are:

  • phone profile (to control ringing on incoming calls)
  • e-mail
  • missed calls
  • SMS
  • voicemail
  • today screen settings
  • communication settings
  • favorite contacts (Panoramic Contacts Genius)
  • Panoramic Launcher (beta - not yet released)
  • camera
  • Panoramic Calc Pro
  • clock & alarm settings

Next is Calendar+. This is an open source project I found a few years ago that I've updated to properly support 128 DPI devices. Let me know if you'd like a copy of this version. It's a great plugin that behaves like the default calendar plugin but allows you to show multiple appointments. Its also very configurable it terms of layout and appearance.

And finally, Fizz Traveller. This layout is a custom one I created to properly fit 4 days of weather on the 320x320 screen. Again, I'll be happy to provide it upon request.

Not seen:

I have iSS Task Switcher running and avaliable by tap & hold on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Also launchable by pressing shift-ok.

I also have iSS Explorer Pro set up as a quick launch by pressing shift and the windows button.

All of the retail applications are available at

And I highly recommend the Palm Treo Pro - this is the best Windows Mobile touch-screen device I've ever owned.

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