Saturday, May 16, 2009

Panoramic Calc Pro 2.7.4 released

Calc Pro has received yet another update. Most of the updates came from user requests - thank you again to everyone that has taken the time to e-mail.

Changes/Updates in 2.7.4:

One big change in this version for R.P.N. users. Calc Pro will now change all appropriate calculators to R.P.N. labelling for buttons (ie "Enter" instead of "="). It will also replace the left and right brackets with stack manipulation buttons.

  • added the ability to update the currencies from the file menu

  • added Reaumur to temperature conversions

  • fixed "Quiet" sound setting for the worksheets

  • fixed text spacing on wide screen devices (specifically "Reset" in the worksheets)

  • fixed the Menu selector for the Scientific calculator when in RPN mode

  • increased the size of the Menu text for 320x320 (128 dpi) devices

  • increased the size of the button text in the converters for square screen devices

  • other minor layout adjustments

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