Thursday, May 21, 2009

Panoramic Launch Pad and Calc Pro updates released today

Calc Pro has been updated to 2.7.5 - this is a very minor update. It corrects the display bug when entering 0s after a decimal (they weren't showing up in previous versions). Please note, this bug only affected the display and not the accuracy of Calc Pro.

The bigger news is the update to Launch Pad. Panoramic had a great response to the release of Launch Pad as well as a flood of user suggestions. This version addresses some of those:
  • Launch Pad minimizes when shown if you tap the Start Menu Icon
  • Launch Pad minimizes when shown if Launch Pad is mapped to a hardware button
  • Favorites have been improved when switching between landscape and portrait
  • Loading time has been improved on first use
  • Added option to remove section headings on the Settings list
  • Minor optimizations to use less space and memory

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