Thursday, May 14, 2009

Panoramic Software releases Launch Pad for Windows Mobile Professional & Standard

Panoramic Launch Pad started its life as a companion application for Panoramic Phone Manager. It was eventually decided that although it matched nicely with the look and feel, it didn't really fit with what we wanted to acheive with Phone Manager. So it was used interally for a while until we realized it was a really useful utility all on its own.

So it was polished up, giving a catchy title and Launch Pad 1.0.0 was released. Shortly afterwards, it became apparent that it could be improved, and Launch Pad 1.1.1 was released earlier today.


"Panoramic LaunchPad allows you the freedom to easily access your Windows Mobile applications, settings, files and folders with your finger tips. Flip between two customizable favorite screens for quick access to your most frequently used items. An easy to use touch kinetic scroll menu allows you to find the Program or device Setting you are looking for in seconds. "

Improvements in 1.1.1:

Ability to add files or folders to the favorites
Ability to change the titles of the two favorites sections
Improved labels on the favorites
Cleaner uninstallation
Better support for 320x320 devices
A few other minor tweaks

You can grab the latest version here:

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