Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

I've been playing Trivial Pursuit off and on for a few years now and I finally got tired of trying to answer questions that were all at least 10 years old. I went to the store and the only new version of game I could find was "Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice". And I'll be honest, had there been the normal version I still probably would have bought the one with the electronic gizmo.

The game comes with a full size board, and all of the usual player pieces, the only difference is the electronic device that you use in place of the trivia cards (which you can see sitting above the PSP 1001).

The device comes with 12 sets of 50 questions that cover the basic Trivial Pursuit categories. You can also go to their website and download other question packs - which are well organized and spread across a huge range of interests/categories.

The bad:
  • the device is cheaply made
  • is not intuitive to use - it'll take some time before you're comfortable with it
  • its cumbersome to set up custom games
  • the back light turns off very quickly

The good:

  • it holds 2000 questions across multiple categories
  • its very easy to add new questions from the website
  • battery life is excellent
  • it tells you when you've used up all of the questions in a category
  • allows for quick games where the question packs are randomly selected

I personally still prefer playing with the standard cards - there's just something strange about passing around the bulky, plastic device. And its far easier to flip over a card than press several buttons to get to a question.

Overall though I'd still recommend it simply for the huge selection and variety of questions.


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Ten98 said...

Any chance you could upload the desktop software somewhere?