Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Did you know working full time for a year adds up to over 80 full days?

Assuming you get 4 weeks of vacation a year (ignoring sick days and stat holidays) this is the equivalent of working 80 full 24 hour days non-stop.

As bad as it sounds - just think - if you could go without sleep (or social interaction) for 3 months you could take the remaining 9 months of the year off.

I've added "Work Weeks" to the Time section of the Unit Converter of iSS Calc Pro. The new beta: v 1.7.5 contains a number of other improvements and fixes.

Grab it here:

Also of note: iSS Sci Calc will eventually see a major new version and will inherit a number of major features from Calc Pro.

But before v3.0 is ready, v2 is getting an update. iSS SciCalc has been updated to 2.3.0 and contains some minor bug fixes from 2.2.2. It should be available to download from the Implicit Software Solutions Inc website within about a week. However you can e-mail me directly or use the website support page to get a copy sooner.

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