Monday, September 22, 2008

iSS Calculator Pro 1.7 Beta coming soon - new additions include a unit converter

iSS Calc Pro 1.7 beta is almost ready for release. It contains a LOT of improvements over 1.6 but the most dramatic new feature is the addition of a unit converter.

It contains 14 categories and over 300 conversions which makes it one of the most powerful unit converters available for Windows Mobile.

More importantly however, is the careful attention we've put into it to ensure accuracy. Metric to metric and imperial to imperial conversions will come out exact instead of "close".

We're also quite excited about the fuel economy conversions. Its a feature I've personally wanted to have on my phone for years and now with high gas prices and with the changes to the way manufactures are reporting gas millage we hope this will be a very useful feature.

New beta will be ready this week

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