Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google's new web browser Chrome Beta released

First things first - get it here:

Google has released the public beta of its new web browser Chrome today. So far its been an excellent experience for me.

There are few features to take note of right away.

First is the interface - its bare bones and uncluttered which is exactly how I like it. IE 7 wasted far too much screen space in my opinion.

Second - the HTML rendering. Each web browser does things a little differently and Chrome is no exception. It seems to have a very accurate rendering engine which means it won't hide coding errors like Internet Explorer (I spotted one already because of Chrome).

Third - The home page defaults to a Google landing page that shows you your most visited websites. Purely brilliant. This will quickly become a must have feature for other browsers in my opinion.

Fourth (and final for now) is the view source feature. It uses full color syntax highlighting. And better yet - links, scripts and pictures are hyperlinks within the source meaning you can still click on them to access content - again - brilliant.

Chrome looks to be an excellent option as your new default browser. Honestly Internet Explorer and Firefox have treated me well but there's something just pleasant about using Chrome. Even if its not your new favorite it will be an excellent push for the competition to add some new features.

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